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谁知道一首英文歌最近挺火的 高潮是喔喔喔喔喔很多...

Wild Wild Web, John The Whistler的作品 高潮部分歌词: It's a wild wild web It's a wild wild web It's a wild wild web It's a wild wild web when you feel lost inside The wild wild web where there's nothing to hide

看你的截图确定为Owl City、Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time


I never really try to be positive I'm too damm busy being negative so focused on what I get and never understand what it means to live you know we all love to just complain but maybe we should try to rearrange there's always so...


hymn for the weekend

gald you come

Make You Feel My Love 播放 歌手:Adele 语言:英语 所属专辑:Music Sounds Better Fundamentals 发行时间:2015-10-20

My Songs knows what you did in the dark–––Fall out boy 应该是这首,希望能帮到你

Trouble Is a Friend 早上刚听的

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