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谁知道一首英文歌最近挺火的 高潮是喔喔喔喔喔很多...

Wild Wild Web, John The Whistler的作品 高潮部分歌词: It's a wild wild web It's a wild wild web It's a wild wild web It's a wild wild web when you feel lost inside The wild wild web where there's nothing to hide

gald you come


The Way I Are - Timbaland&Keri Hilson&D.O.E. i ain't got no money 我没有钱 i ain't got no car to take you on a date 我没有车带你出去约会 i can't even buy you flowers 我甚至不能给你买花 but together we be the perfect sou...

Wake Me Up When September Ends(Album Version) - Green Day Summer has come and passed 夏天来了又去 The innocent can never last 但那纯真从来没有消失过 Wake me up when September ends 当九月去过的时候叫醒我 Like my father's come to...

hymn for the weekend

Trouble Is a Friend 早上刚听的


Make You Feel My Love 播放 歌手:Adele 语言:英语 所属专辑:Music Sounds Better Fundamentals 发行时间:2015-10-20

哇 真的很好听啊 喔喔 喔喔 喔 喔喔 喔喔 喔喔~~ 喔的真好听 真棒😂😂

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