best wishes:最美好的祝愿、祝福 best 英 [best] 美 [bɛst] n. 最好的人,最好的事物;最佳状态 adj. 最好的 adv. 最好地 vt. 打败,胜过 n. (Best)人名;(英、西、德、葡、法)贝斯特 wishes 英 ['wɪʃɪz] 美 ['wɪ@...

Best wishes for many years of happiness for the two of you. 祝你们幸福到百年。 Hearty congratulations wish you many years happiness 祝你们幸福并致最美好的祝愿。 We all join hearty congratulations best wishes for your happiness ...

thank you and the same to you. 二楼的繁琐了,这是用来回答对话的,不用加bless

best wishes to you pray for you

祝福: 1. blessings 2. wish well Relative explainations: Examples: 1. 当我离开的时候,她向我祝福。 She conferred her benediction to me when I left. 2. 我祝福父亲的生日。 I say the benediction to my father's birthday. 3. 牧师在船...

The same to you!

Buying gifts for wang hong is a blessing to her. 买礼物给王红是对王红的祝福。

祝福你的英文翻译 基本释义 Bless you 祝福你的用法和样例: 例句 我祝福你,Lenore,并准备去参加你们的婚礼。I wish you all the best, Lenore and I am planning to come to the wedding. 请转告他,Celeste姑妈完全赞成这门婚事,并衷心地祝...

送上我最真挚的祝福!这句话, Send my best wishes, 送上我最真挚的祝福! I send you my most sincere wishes!

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