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总重量的英语翻译 总重量用英语怎么说

总重量 [词典] total weight; [例句]我已忘了这个船运的总重量。 I have forgotten the gross weight of this shipment.

relieved。例如,听到这个,他顿时如释重负。He was immediately relieved when learned this。

货物单重和总重量 Single weight and total weight of the goods在英语句式中表示“太......而不能......" too后面接的是形容词,to 后面接的是动词原形 所以”那个箱子太重了我搬不动“可以翻译为: That /The case is too heavy to be moved by me 本人英语专业,仅供参考

你好! 重力 gravity 英[ˈgrævəti] 美[ˈɡrævɪti] n. 重力; 万有引力,地心引力; 重要性,严重性; 严肃,庄重; [例句]Arrows would continue to fly forward forever in a straight line were it not for gravity, ...

reach the weight of ...

review (美)=revise(英)重温 The album sees them reliving past glories but not really breaking anynew ground. 这张专辑使他们重温了昔日的辉煌,但实际上没有任何新的突破。 Bevin is now an adult and has relived her birth experienc...

看重 regard sth as very important do care about 我看重的是综合能力 I do care about the integrative capacity I regard the integrative capacity as very important think highly of sb 看重某人 think the world of sb 非常看重某人

笨重 [词典] heavy; cumbersome; unwieldy; (繁重、费力) heavy (and arduous); ponderosity; [例句]他们提着笨重的行李气喘吁吁地来到他门口。 They came panting up to his door with their unwieldy baggage.

重量以实际进仓为准用英语 The weight will be subject to the actual arrival.

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