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总重量的英语翻译 总重量用英语怎么说

你好! 重量 weight 英[weɪt] 美[wet] n. 重量,体重; 重担,重任; 重要; [统] 权,加重值,权重; vt. 加重于,使变重; 使负重,使负担或压迫; [统] 使加权,附加加重值于; [例句]What is your height and weight? 你的身高和体重是多少?

货物单重和总重量 Single weight and total weight of the goods

relieved。例如,听到这个,他顿时如释重负。He was immediately relieved when learned this。


重合 [词典] coincidence; coincide; superposition; reclosing; registration (图像); [例句]这两个三角形相重合。 The two triangles coincide.

看重 regard sth as very important do care about 我看重的是综合能力 I do care about the integrative capacity I regard the integrative capacity as very important think highly of sb 看重某人 think the world of sb 非常看重某人

重量以实际进仓为准用英语 The weight will be subject to the actual arrival.

What's your weight?就可以了what is your height?你多高

问体重 What 's your weight? /How much do you weigh? 问身高 What 's your height? /How tall /high are you? 参考资料:

重申 v. reaffirm, reiterate, restate

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