获2015-2016学年第一学期“二等奖学金” 2015-2016 school year first semester "second-class scholarship" 望采纳!谢谢!

freshmen scholarship 我们学校有这个……

obtained scholarship many times in academic achievement, and took part in various competitions in scientific and creational field.

was awarded scholarships for three consecutive years in college/university。六学期建议免了,不合习惯 还会被认为罗嗦。

Whether he will get a scholarship the first year at university remains a question.希望我的回答对您有所帮助。

“我连续两年获得学校的奖学金”翻译如下: (1)I have received scholarships from my school for 2 years. 我已经两年获得了学校的奖学金---强调过去的两年都拿了奖学金。 (2)I received scholarships from my school for 2 years straight. 我曾...

I got/gained the second prize for the school scholarship.

一,一等奖学金major award是最地道的 给你两个例句: 1. This combined with letters from best-of-the-year anthologists asking to reprint this or that story and e-mails politely informing me that such-and-so a story has been tentat...

单项奖学金;二等奖学金;国家励志奖学金。Other individual awards scholarship; second-class scholarship; national motivational scholarships.

获得一等奖学金 Win the first prize scholarship

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